Re-flex II from Adaptsys is the solution for On-Demand Tape. The system enhances the productivity of modern production environments and reduces the need to store bulky pre-formed tape. In addition to efficiently producing standard pockets, Re-flex II can create any custom shape, making it ideal for electromechanical components as well as semiconductors and passive components.

  • Produces exactly the amount of tape required, complete with leader and trailer
  • Unformed tape reels of 1000m are much longer than formed reels (typically 30m upwards), greatly reducing tape changes
  • Forms complex custom pockets to accommodate electromechanical or unusual packages
  • Eliminates the need to hold bulky pre-formed tape, reducing requirement for storage space 
  • Barcode setup eliminates errors and minimises changeover time, optimising productivity
  • Tooling can be retained to meet future requirements, maximising the return on investment and freeing up the storage space previously used to hold stocks of pre-formed tape
  • Low power consumption and reduced wastage lessen the environmental impact of manufacturing operation.