Re-flex II is designed with a minimal footprint of just 960mm x 457mm, this represents a negligible increase in floor area over that required for the use of pocketed tape. As On-Demand Tape eliminates the need to store reels of pre-formed carrier tape, the net result is a considerable reduction in the space used. 

Low Power

Running costs and environmental impact are minimised by the low-power design of Re-flex II. The system requires a single-phase supply and consumes less than 1 kVA when operating. The only other utility required is an 80 psi air line at 10.24 cfm, with no requirement for water cooling. 


The compact footprint, low power consumption and simple compressed air requirements not only minimise environmental impact and running costs, but also ensure that the system can be quickly and easily moved around the factory floor. The high quality OEM components that have been used for the Re-flex II  build makes for straight-forward maintenance and servicing, reducing both downtime and costs.