Re-flex II is a highly automated and traceable solution that uses barcodes on both the flat form tape and the tooling to minimise changeover times between jobs and to eliminate operator errors. As well as ensuring that the correct tape and tooling is used, the barcode set up also provides traceability of materials. Re-flex II has been designed for fast, simple changeovers, minimising downtime and reducing operator errors. Reels of unformed tape are much longer than those for pre-formed tape, cutting the number of tape changes by as much as a factor of forty. Using a revolutionary carrier system, together with the barcode setup, the tooling allows operators to change to a new job in less than five minutes, whilst facilitating a fault free set-up.

Comprehensive SPC Data

Statistical process control (SPC) data can be accessed over a local Ethernet network, or from anywhere in the world via the internet. All aspects of the operation and any downtime can be tracked, and causes of downtime – whether due to an upstream stoppage or simply waiting for a tape change – can be analysed, providing key data for use on production process optimisation.